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Sunday, July 11 2021
Focus on the Birds

Focus on the Birds

By Nancy B. Gibbs

Yesterday, I was at my desk writing when something grabbed my attention. I heard the sounds of a bird’s song. It was chirping away. I stopped what I was doing and listened. I wondered if the singing was coming from outside my window.

Then it dawned on it that a bird was singing on national television. There was a news anchor reporting on all the bad news going on in the world on my television.

He was standing outside. Obviously the bird was in a tree nearby. The louder the anchor talked, the louder the bird chirped.

It was almost comical. The reporter was trying to keep our attention with his bad news. But the bird was trying to show us that, with God, life can be something to sing about.

While drinking my coffee this morning, I realized how blessed as a nation we are. I woke up today in a comfortable bed. I had coffee pods in the kitchen. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to my favorite chair to spend some time with God and to write this article.

It is my opinion that because life is so good for us (yes, I agree that we have problems in our country), that sometimes we should just turn off the racket and hear the birds sing.

God has blessed us beyond measure. If we counted our blessing today, starting with a bird’s song, we would still be counting until the day we leave this world behind.

But then, immediately following, we will enter into a place where thousands of birds are showing out and singing to their heart’s content. In that place there will be no more pain, no tears and no bad news. We will be able to focus on the bird’s songs without interruption or any bad news. Has it ever dawned on you that there is NO bad news in heaven?

So if you have lost someone recently, dry away your tears, and know that if they knew Jesus, your loved one is now in heaven, listening to the birds singing.

They are not in pain. They are not sad. They are busy, yes, very busy while counting their many blessings.

Will you, today, listen to the birds, and smile?

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