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Mission Trip to Romania 

For many years I felt that God was calling me to the foreign mission field. I knew that someday I would board a jet plane and off I'd go. I didn't know where I would go or when it would happen, but it was one of those things that I simply knew.

In the fall of 2013 I fell on my knees and told God that I would accept the invitation when the next person asks me to go on a mission trip. I didn't care where or when, but I knew I had to be obedient to God's calling. As expected just a few weeks later, I was asked if I would like to go to Romania in March of 2014. I said "yes." 

"Wouldn't you like to pray about it," the area missionary asked.

"I already have," I explained. From that day on I knew I was going to Romania. I didn't worry about where the money would come from. Nor did I worry about taking off from work or if I would be able to pull away from my busy schedule. When God says go, our best response is to simply accept.

God provided everything I needed in miraculous ways. And I have never been so blessed. As you can tell by the picture above, those days were some of the best of my life. Many lives were changed, including my own. The lady standing beside me in the above picture could only speak Romanian, but we formed a bond of love immediately. 

Our team of 4 saw 93 people give their life to Christ. We also tested and fitted 554 people for eyeglasses. Some of those who walked away with a free pair of eyeglasses had not been able to see for decades. They couldn't read God's word. Some had not clearly seen their family members clearly for quite a while. Many walked away with tears falling down their face. 

Now that we are home I oftentimes slow my pace and imagine those who are now headed for heaven because we stepped out in faith and went. I rejoice in knowing that I made a difference in a country over 5000 miles away. I also think about those who are now able to read the Bible and other Christian material and have a better understanding of God's love for them. 

Many churches and organizations have asked me to come and show my power point presentation. Each picture has a story. Some pictures remind me of the miracles God performed in Lugoj, Romania. Some people have rededicated their lives to God after,viewing the presentation. Others have decided that God is calling them to the foreign mission field as well. The pictures have caused many people to ask a lot of questions about God, about missions and about going themselves. Hearts are being changed.  

Some 17 years ago, God called me to write. I have since been published thousands of times. He also called me to speak at women's events, during church services, to senior citizens organizations and at community events. I love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in any way He calls. It is my soul's desire to fill my calendar with engagements for the more times I speak, the more lives will be changed. 

If you would like for me to come to your church, your missions organization, or your civic organization to share not only my pictures, but share the miracles God performed in Romania, please feel free to call me. I'd love to talk to you about your church and how I could help to create an atmosphere for missions in the place where you serve. Please call me at (229) 938-1760 or email me at Nancybgibbs@aol.com. Thank you. 

This sweet 92 year old lady walked from her home to the church where we held a church service and then conducted an eyeglass clinic. She told me (through an interpreter, of course) that she wanted to see what Americans looked like. She also told me that she's going to be waiting for me to come back next year and that she's going to have her bags packed and will come back to America with me. I would not be at all surprised if she's not there next year just as she promised. 

If you keep My commandments, you will abide in my love.  John 15:10

God promises are as sure as they were thousands of years ago. When we take the time to allow Him to show us the direction in which He wants us to travel, we may think we are going to help someone else, but the truth is, we are the ones blessed. Jesus loves every single one of us. He loves those in Romania and those in the United States and every other spot on this earth. Will you always be obedient to Him?

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You may contact Nancy at Nancybgibbs@aol.com or by telephone (229) 273-8373 or cell phone (229) 938-1760.


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God called me to write 17 years ago. I began writing and have been published thousands of times.

A couple of years after I began my writing ministry I was called to speak.  

Since then I have spoken at women's retreats, conferences and teas. I lead Bible studies and preach sermons whenever possible.

Many speakers are humorists. Some are all about having a good time. And others are teachers. Every event is different, but I believe every event should be about Jesus!

My talks will make the attendees happy. They will smile and sometimes they will laugh. And at times they might shed a few tears, as they understand that God is in control of all things. 

It is my desire that the ladies who attend my events will not leave the same as they were when they arrived. I pray they will walk a little closer to Him as they laugh and cry through my true stories.

I would love to talk to you about your upcoming event.

Thank you!  

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I delight to do Your will, O my God and Your love is within my heart.

Psalm 40:8

A Message from a Missionary to Romania

By Nancy B. Gibbs

For years, I felt God’s call to go on a foreign mission trip. I am convinced that God had begun preparing me for this trip years earlier. And in His great timing the day finally came to board a giant plane and take off to a place that was totally and completely different than anything I had ever witnessed before. It was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget.

I’ve had people to inquire as to what was my favorite part of the trip. I’ve had others to ask about the most moving experience I witnessed. Then there have been others to simply say “tell me about your trip.”

It’s hard to answer any of the questions in just a few words. And once I get started sharing I become a rambling machine. The entire trip was awesome. Somehow, while being on this trip I felt the power of God in a way like I have never felt before. There was never a time that I thought He had moved away from me. He was as close as a whisper, yet He also seemed as strong as a mighty and powerful wind.

At the beginning of the trip, I placed my life in God’s hands. I realized that I had no control over anything once I stepped on the bus and headed to Atlanta to catch a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina, then to Germany, and then to our final destination, Romania. I commented several times to those around me how one of the greatest lessons I had already learned is that I had to submit my wants, my desires and control completely over to God.

I have to admit leaving my family behind was the most difficult of all the tasks associated with this trip. Roy and I had never been that far apart, nor had we ever been away from each other for that length of time. But when God calls us to do something we are required to obey Him and follow His lead.

My family for that week was our mission team – Gary Leutzinger, Pat Story and Bruce Howland. We shared many exciting moments together. We laughed and rejoiced in the fact that God had called us to such an important task together. I am convinced that God put our team together even before we boarded the planes.  

God promised me in His Word that He would never leave me alone. He was just as real on the six airplanes on which we flew as He is sitting on the second pew at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church on Sunday mornings. I was thankful many times, when situations were just a little different, that I could call on Him. He was my great companion. So I suppose I have to say feeling the closeness to my Lord and Savior was the greatest part of the trip.

Then there were the people. The words I use to describe them are adorable, precious, and great in God’s sight. They don’t have the resources that we have here in the great USA. They had enough to get by; yet not much more. They had the love of Jesus in their hearts however. They were kind, generous and loving. I saw more smiles there in Romania than here in our country.

Sharing my testimony over and over again was exciting. Fitting the people with eyeglasses was an incredible opportunity, but when I saw prayers being lifted up and people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior that was the best part of the worship services.

My body is still a little confused about what time it is. I had no idea how long it would take to get back accustomed to our time zone. When I lay down to sleep and can’t, I remember the smiles I saw. I remember the joy on the faces of those who could see to read after not have sight for many years. I was one of the lucky ones who placed glasses on their eyes for the first time and saw the expressions when they could read the tract that I held in front of their faces.

I am happy to be home, but I am also thrilled that I experienced a trip that I will never forget. For years, I’ve been called a pastor’s wife, a writer, a speaker and an evangelist. But now I can be called a missionary. A missionary is simply someone who takes the good news to other places and to people who may otherwise never hear the gospel message.

What is another special part of my trip? It has to be in the knowing that God trusted me enough to go to the other side of the world to talk about Him. How special is that?

I am now a missionary and I carried his message to many wonderful people in Romania. I feel honored, blessed and loved by God. And my life will never be the same again. Thank you for all you did to make this trip possible and thank you for your prayers.    

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