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Nancy's Books (001)
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All of Nancy's books are $15 or less. In the past Nancy has written mostly non-fiction. In 2021, however, she published a fictional book that she wrote some 20 years ago. Jacob's Cottage. It has proved to be the best selling book yet. She has recently finished writing the sequel and it should be available in the next few weeks. Many people are begging for it since reading Jacob's Cottage.


All of Nancy's Books are beautifully packaged. The information within is remarkable. Please check out one or two and you will want to order more. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchase your money will be refunded. That's Nancy's promise and guarantee.

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My Favorite Thoughts

Let's Change the World One Story at a time!

Writing Touches the Hearts of Many Souls!

Life Doesn't Have to be So Hard!

Live Life to It's Fullest. It's the Only Way to Fly in the End.

Let Go of it all. Give it all to God!

Don't Let Your Problems of Today Steal the Joys of Your Tomorrow.

I'll Never Die. I'm Saved. So I'll Live Forever... Either Here or There!

Jesus is Just a Prayer Away

Life is Truly a Vapor. What we do here and how we love others will determine where we will be for eternity.